Having an Open Kitchen


When you walk into our cafe one thing you notice is our open kitchen. It is not an ideal design for me but I loved this kitchen so much when I first saw the space. The ventilation system is INCREDIBLE! And to be able to fry or cook any savory food you need ventilation. This system is easy… $75,000. That is money I didnt have so when I saw how beautiful it was that was my opportunity to get this space and make it awesome.

With having an open kitchen as a customer you get to see so much. You see our happy days, our sad days, our successes, like the beautiful cake we make but you also see our mistakes. Which every kitchen, every chef, every cook has. We all have failed attempts at new recipes, we drop things, we burn ourselves we burn the food sometimes, which makes us frustrated, we slip and fall, you get to see our messy days, sometimes we are disorganized… you as the customer get to see all of this. And as much as I would like to say these things don’t happen, I would be lying. But the beautiful thing about it, you get to see real life in a kitchen. There is no hiding. It is a special thing to see an open kitchen like a peak into a secret world.

Anyone who has stopped and looked around behind the scenes notice writing on the walls. We can dry erase write all over. You will recipes, notes jotted down, our prep lists, cleaning lists and quotes. Now, being an open kitchen nothing is a secret, however these quotes on my wall are for me and me only. Maybe you like them and maybe you don’t but either way for me it doesn’t matter because those words of encouragement, those quotes are for me to remind myself of whatever it is I need to remember at that time. I do strive for perfection that is why it is written on the oven. I do need to focus, we all do when it comes to work. Sometimes we fall, and we need to remember to pick ourselves up and keep moving. You as the customer only see a tiny glimpse of things so when you look at those quotes remember there is deeper meaning behind them that you may not understand and that is ok.

One thing that motivates me is music. All kinds of music. I can go from Rap, to Hawaiian and Reggae to The Beatles, Led Zepplin, back to Post Malone or G-easy(my favorite) to good old 80 hair bands. I love Opera, Blues and Jazz. You just never know what you will walk into. We have Alexa and she is great at playing good music (insert sarcastic tone) sometimes you will hear us yell at her! She does however filter out words in music and that is why I have her on during opening hours. You may notice sometimes the music is Louder than normal and that is because our ventilation system fan is quite loud and the ovens are loud and when we run any appliance like the blenders they make a lot of noise so to drown out all that background noise I listen to 12 hours A-day I usually have the music up louder.

Another great reason to having an open kitchen Is you as the customer get to see what we are cooking and you can ask questions or you can learn maybe some tricks and technique on a certain dish. I love to talk about things that I’m making with you. You also get to see how beautiful cakes are made when we decorate them you get a glimpse into what it is like to roll fondant or pipe on a cake or how we get that glitter on the buttercream.

One downfall on having an open kitchen and being such an open person that I am because I love to talk to everybody is sometimes I am so busy that I don’t have time to talk, like on of weekend when our line is out the door and we have 20 tickets it’s not always easy for me to stop and talk. Sometimes when I am concentrating it isn’t always easy for me to talk and cook at the same time and that sometimes may come off as me being rude but please know that is not at all what is going on. I strive for perfection in everything that I cook and so concentrating when we’re very busy is so important for me to getting our dishes correct. I’m great at multitasking but when there’s a lot of tickets and there’s 3 of us trying to get things done it is difficult for me to stop.

Another downfall is sometimes you see the heat in the kitchen. When you work around the same people day in and day out sometimes we get on each others nerves. It doesn’t happened often but sometimes you see it. It is normal. We are family in there. We have each others back. We help each other no matter what. At the end if the day we come together just like family. Me and Sami have a banter, some people think we are fighting but we arent, we joke with each other like sisters. We tease Natalie over Music and we always make fun of each when we drop stuff. We have nothing but love and respect for each other! And we are very open and honest with one another.

I love everything about this space I found! And feel very lucky to get to show you all everyday a tiny glimpse into our world because we love to cook for all of you!

Thank you for all the support and love in 2018 we are excited for 2019!

You can find more information about Kahiau’s


find us on Facebook, IG and Twitter give us a call at 757.340.0071 or

Stop by 3712 S Plaza Trl in Virginia Beach

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